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SKARP update

- Кампания на Кикстартере сворачивается, создатели пытаются спустить на тормозах. Получится ли у них? Наблюдаем ограбление простаков в темпе улитки. Десять дней осталось ,чтобы забрать свои денежки и убежать. Убегут ли простаки? Не думаю.
Убежало пока немного - несколько сотен самых умных из дураков. Ну может они и не совсем дураки, просто привыкли действовать не по велению ума, а по зову сердца.

Однако денежки продолжают поступать, хотя и очень-очень медленно. Думаю, вовсю подключились страны третьего мира. Суровые торговцы бритвами из Египта, владельцы маленьких магазнчиков в Дели, мечтающие стать большими дельцами. Все они за сутки накидали 715000 долларов. Не ахти что, но все же лишний кусок хлебушка жуликам на то время, когда им придется прятаться.


Текущие дела таковы:

Чувак, который ведет PR признался, что технического отношения к проекту не имеет и занимается только IT и собственно, PR. Это тот самый шустрый пацан Oliver Pearce-Owen, который продавал айфоны в Лондоне.

Creator Skarp Technologies about 4 hours ago

@Lyndsay Hi, I will be changing my title of CIO to better reflect my role at Skarp. I am responsible for overseeing IT infrastructure and all technology not directly related to the Skarp Razor itself. I hope this clears up any confusion. 
I was educated in the UK. 
I welcome your decision to post using your real name, but please respect everyone's right to certain levels of privacy.

Все же прочие участники проекта благоразумно молчат и не высовываются ни разу.

Еще часов 40 назад они заявляли, что у них в производстве видео, на котором они УЖО ПОКАЖУТ - и как они бреют сразу много волос, и как бреют светлые волоски, и все такое прочее.

Creator Skarp Technologies 1 day ago

Apologies for not posting an update yet. We are working on a video and it will take us another day to produce it.

Теперь они заявляют, что видео у них не получается и видимо не получится до тех пор, пока очень специальное оптоволокно не запустят в массовый процесс, а пока они готовят демонстрацию с внешним источником энергии

Creator Skarp Technologies about 6 hours ago

Good morning everyone! 
I've been reading through all the comments from the last 12 hours or so. 
You will see the entire prototype setup in the video we’re are working on today where we cut white hair.

Creator Skarp Technologies about 2 hours ago

@Bernard Many of these questions have been answered, check out the main campaign and update 5.

We'll be showing our prototype setup in our upcoming video where you will see the external power source and and fiber.

По их словам выходит ,что прежние опыты базировались на волокне, которое они изготовили вручную (хахахаха)
@Skarp: Regarding: "We don't believe we've misled anyone." What do you call intentionally concealing the fact that you are using an external fiber and laser? I would call that intentional deceit. Why is that not misleading?

@Skarp - I'd like to see you prove that you hand drew that 12-24" fiber. (because that looks like another lie)

Creator Skarp Technologies 38 minutes ago

@Jerry We're actually working on that. We will have a self contained unit with a low quality fiber in about 2 months. Again, financially we were restricted from doing that, but the support from KS will help.

We get a spool of corning fiber which we then post hand draw.

Jerry we're happy to answer questions, but the strong language you're using is not productive. Allegations aren't helpful.

Во-вторых, все их прежние заявки признаны "проекцией"

Creator Skarp Technologies about 6 hours ago

@Jerry Yes there's always risks with a new project, but we're very confident in achieving what we've stated. 
We have a working prototype, it's not a final product. All our projections tell us the final product will work as we've claimed. 
Tiny lasers have been proven to work off a AAA, laser pointers for example.

Gennaro Galante about 1 hour ago

Will you please post the following on your campaign: 
Every Kickstarter campaign makes projections and claims. There isn't a campaign running that has a finished product. Our projections are based upon years of experimentation and testing. We've been very clear where we stand and explained we need Kickstarter's support to start mass production of the high quality fiber needed to produce the kind of shaving results we're claiming.

If you did, nobody would have questioned your integrity throughout this campaign. I personally take a lot of offense to your misleading ways throughout this campaign. Yeah - I have kids. And yes - moving forward I will act as a parental figure and let every possible backer know of your misconception.

For those of you who want to still back this project: 
Please do so. I'm not here to ruin your experience or end this technological advance. I just want all backers to understand where this project true my lies. If you chose to back this project knowing that this "product" is in its fundamental stage - then great. But if I was a new backer just reading the campaign, I'd think this "product" is in a different stage of life then it really is.

Shame on you Skarp.

Creator Skarp Technologies about 1 hour ago

I'm sorry you feel that way @Gennaro. 
We don't believe we've misled anyone. It is the nature of Kickstarter to make a claims and projections. We have provided evidence showing we can cut hair with a laser, and explained that we require support for mass producing a much higher quality fiber, capable of shaving to the standards we have detailed. We've never claimed anything otherwise. 
We understand Kickstarter is not for everyone, and some would rather wait until a retail version is available. But we'd love to retain your support and reward you by being one of the first to shave with a laser!

Cуммируя все это, я написал в Реддит, в тот самый пост -
Scam Alert. The wildly successful SKARP "Laser" Razor. Unrealistic technology, no working prototype, but 2.5 million raised. -

Revisiting this thread in the light of the recent developments at Kickstarter - i.e. comments of SKARP IT/PR person who's name is apparently Mr. Oliver Pearce-Owen and who was most likely representing SKARP within Reddit domain as well.
Most remarkable are admissions that most of the claims are "projections", that they don't have true and proper optic fibre yet (as per comment it will be available during mass production phase only, i.e. when money are taken from Kickstarter funds) and now they working on a video where they'd use an external power source to shave some hair (apparently their previous trick to hide a power source is impossible to reproduce without raising all the eyebrows).
Well, even at this stage all the skeptics may congratulate themselves and their parents for insisting on a firm University education in STEM fields.
No doubt the SKARPers are now arguing between themselves whether they should produce any more dumb tricks or it is detrimental to their PR campaign and instead they should push Dr. Christopher Zachary onstage. Well, I sort of took care of that and wrote Dr. Zachary a letter, noting the damage to his reputation and whether it worth even a cool million dollars. And unless dear Dr. Zachary is for some deep personal reason at his last inch of a rope, i.e. dying of cancer, while gambling, drinking and chasing bimbos at the same time, he'd stay as mute as a boiled lobster.
Cheers all.

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