Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Несмотря на явную лажу. в комментах кикстартера полно людей, которые продолжают поддерживать SKARP (если это только настоящие люди, а не мурзилки мистера Оливера Пирс-Оуэна )

Топ-коммент по этому поводу.

Gennaro Galante 8 minutes ago

It's funny. I associate many of the non-questioning supportive backers of Skarp in this forum to that of my wife when I yell at my child.

Even though I'm right to yell at him for "X" reason, she attempts to defend him because she doesn't want to see him get hurt or cry. Her acts are an attempt to either have a non-confrontational household, or she doesn't want to admit that her baby is wrong. Either way - if my son is wrong, he's wrong.

Wake up community. You've been deceived. And even of you're willing to accept and even support this deception - not all other backers on his forum are. Most of them (20k+) probably don't even know this issue even exists.

Just as the supporters have told the skeptics to leave, the skeptics can easily tell the supporters to "pipe down" and back the campaign quietly.

I originally asked questions with hopes for proof that the creators were legit. I will now go out of my way and emphasize the shadiness of Skarp to all backers throughout the remaining days of the campaign.

As mentioned above - if you don't like it - you can easily just not comment as easily as you tell me to just leave.

Deceit is a horrible trait to have. Especially if you are looking for support. Shame on you Skarp

Tags: idiocracy, skarp

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