Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

На ютуб запостили пародию на рекламу SKARP


На кикстартере без перемен. Идиоты сплотились стеной вокруг жуликов. Видимо, что-то похожее происходит в гораздо более серьёзных масштабах в политической жизни России. Идиоты кругом, а посередине жулики. Несокрушимая комбинация.

  • There no different in this kickstarter either.

  • Creator Artie about 6 hours ago

    @Ariel - what an excellent idea! That idea should be extended to all those who clearly have no intention of backing Skarp.

  • Creator Ariel about 6 hours ago

    then it's simple, do a favor to all of us and cancel your contribution.

  • Creator Lawrence Coelho about 6 hours ago

    Everyone here knows this saying ' A Leopard never changes his spots' in other words once a liar always a liar.
    Sorry I want this work but Skarp has lost their integrity with their deceptions.

  • Creator Ecogrl about 6 hours ago

    Thanks for the EEVBlog link. Interesting conversation they have going. They have their naysayers too, but also people who have industry background. Lots of speculation, but since SKARP will say little about how the laser is set up, that is all we will see. Backers will have to acknowledge the risk of never seeing a razor or drop their pledge.

    I, for one see the possibility but still am skeptical Skarp will succeed in the time frame they claim.

  • Creator Skarp Technologies about 7 hours ago

    Morning everyone! Thank you for all the incredible support!

  • Кстати, вот еще монструозное надувательство на кикстартере, все же раза в три поменьше


    гибкие часы-браслет из одной стальной пластины. Проект провалился, деньги неизвестно где

    Ну и предсказуемая реакция идиота, который позволил себя наебать. Теперь требует от Кикстартера отеческой заботы

    I'm starting to think that Kickstarter should be considered legally responsible for allowing scammers to run amuck. While this is a good forum to get businesses started, it is also a breeding ground for scammers, while Kickstarter gets is payments up front, not caring what happens afterward. If they share in the profits,t they should share in the responsibility too. I hate to think of getting lawyers involved but if holding project owners accountable to weed out scammers and just plain idots who don't have the business sense to carry a project through to successful completion, should be a requirment BEFORE starting a campaign.
    Tags: idiocracy, skarp

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