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Билл Клинтон как альфа-самец


смешно по-моему.

Фотографии хорошие, и в каментах

I get it that Bill has alpha qualities, but Lord Almighty I’m a lowly corporate drone and I pull better tail than the nasty chicks Bill fucked around with. Who was that other chick he was supposedly involved with? Paula Jones I believe it was. She was a dog, too.

on October 9, 2015 at 1:20 pm | Replywhorefinder
exactly. dude went for low-hanging fruit, but still felt he had to work for it. See also: his weird quasi-affair-relationship with banana-nosed old eskimo-queen diva Barbara Streisand.

Clinton didn’t just hit whatever was close; he invested time in talking to these women, making them feel special. Compare that to JFK, who would almost literally grab whatever college intern was there and throw her on her back, perhaps with a one-sentence warning. One story has JFK ordering this young college girl to blow Kennedy’s aide right in front of him. And then, every 6 months, he’d ship them back to college and never contact them again.

In other words, Clinton didn’t feel alpha enough to go after hot chicks or just caveman the uglier ones; Shows to me a lot more insecurity than an uber-alpha should have. Clinton was alpha, but really, he was no Putin or JFK; more of an upper beta faking it very, very well. (he was a band geek, after all)

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