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A good list of pre-requisites to make sure a Muslim has his religios beliefs moderated by the reason. Which makes him or her a true moderate Muslim, I suppose.

A moderate Muslim:

*Retains the narrative of one God and multiple prophets but regards most of the rest of contemporary  Islam as abhorent claptrap.

*Reads the Quran in its historical context and understands its claim to be Divine Speech not literally but as ‘Logos’ through an intelligent metaphysics.

*Does not detect even the slightest reference to modern technology in the Quran.

*Has an agnostic view of the life of the Prophet (Sira).

*Is sceptical of the entire Hadith literature and especially of ridiculous claims made for the veracity of al-Bukhari.

*Has a healthy contempt for religious scholars.

*Regards the entire Wahhabi sect as a noxious poison.

*Regards the building programs undertaken by the Saudis in Mecca and the Holy Places as damnable desecrations and a blasphemous destruction of the Islamic heritage.

*Thinks that the Sharia is a barbaric concoction of desert desperadoes in the late Dark Ages.

*Does not have an infantile desire to ape every item of trivia from fictional medieval accounts of the Prophet’s personal life.

*Admits that the expulsion of philosophy and rational methods of analysis from Islamic intellectual life in the late Middle Ages was a catastrophe.

*Thinks that the history of the four schools of Sunni law in which reasoning by analogy plays less and less a role is nothing less than a long slow lobotomy.

*Appreciates the Sufi traditions as the core of Islam transcending the limitations of the religion’s ossified outer forms.

*Demands that the doors of Ijtihad be opened.

*Loves the richness of the Islamic cultural tradition and sees the best of Islam in the Islamic Arts and Humanities.

*Does not believe that unthinking piety will restore Islam to its days of glory.

*Has separated religion from terriory and no longer thinks in terms of “Dar as Salam’ and the nexus between Islam and land.

*Rejects restorationism as a way forward for contemporary Islam.

*Shuns the post-colonial leftist conspiracy theory view of the world that attributes the derelect state of the entire Islamic world to the Americans.

*Never uses the moronic word "Islamophobia". 

*Doesn’t indulge in self-pitying victim narratives.

*Gave up on the Palestinians years ago.

*Thinks that the oft-quoted hadith about the best of ummahs is nothing less than risible.

*Thinks that halal food certification is an extortion racket.

*Wears tasteful contemporary clothing rather than dressing like a 6th C. camel driver. 

That, at least, is a good start towards a moderate Muslim. 

- Harper McAlpine Black

Pretty long list, an utterly impractical indeed, but good nevertheless. This is what our immigration authorities should be sticking to. Which would make our Muslim migrant intake limited to about 100 individuals per decade.


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