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очередному угнетенному в Австралийской тюрьме воссиял неземной свет

Guy Staines, a former jackaroo who spent 18 years in Goulburn’s Supermax prison for murder, converted to radical Islam and is believed to have fled to either Syria or Iraq to join ISIS – just two years after his release.



His marriage broke down from inside prison, and after a short stint working on his brother’s chickpea farm upon release in 2014, he moved to western Sydney with his new wife, Rose Karroum.

Rose Karroum is the sister of Amira Karroum.

Amira and her jihadi husband Tyler Caser were both executed during a conflict between two extremist groups in the Syrian city of Aleppo in 2014.

Cameron Staines told The Australian that his brother’s religious transformation had been a hugely positive influence on his life, but questioned how he was able to flee the country less than two years after being released from prison.

‘If he is overseas, why did they let him go?’ Cameron said. ‘How does he get a passport?’…


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