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Смешной говношторм в Твиттере и вокруг по поводу одного сраного фильма


с участием Майло, прекраснейшего.

Yiannopoulous wrote that in the original film, “… the bad guys were the clueless bureaucrats in the government, who set off a supernatural crisis through bumbling and red tape.

“In this film, by contrast, the enemy is all men, while the government ends up playing dad.”

Yiannopoulous also said the film had undermined its own actors: “The petty, two-dimensional feminist posturing of Ghostbusters is demeaning to all four of its leads.” Women in the original film, he said, had “captured the range of tough broads one finds in New York City.”

The review triggered controversy on Twitter, and Ghostbusters co-star Leslie Jones blamed Yiannopoulous — without proof — for inciting racist and sexist tweets against her. She complained to Twitter, which banned Milo from the platform — as many in the media cheered.

But the banning brought new scorn for Twitter, which lost its public relations chief this week, and could not save Ghostbusters from financial and artistic failure.

That’s where Sacramento Democrats hope to make a difference.

“It is so wonderful when there’s a film out there that has a bunch of strong, smart, bold women,” Jackson said in introducing the film, according to the Bee. “It does speak volumes about how far women have come yet how much farther we still have to go for gender equality.”

Some of the lawmakers in attendance also reportedly noted the screening came days after Hillary Clinton became the first woman ever to be nominated for president by a major political party.


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