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Фейсбук принес прекрасное.

Расовая сегрегация во имя прекращения расовой сегрегации, на новом витке исторической спирали, чисто по Гегелю-Марксу-Ленину

California State University, Los Angeles has setup separate housing arrangements for black students to create a “safe space” for them in an astonishingly racist move.

This happened after the school’s Black Student Union and larger organization Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC) said blacks on campus were subject to “microagressions” among other things. They released a letter in November 2015 and have since been working on achieving those goals after the campus movement to create “safe spaces” took college campuses by storm and weak administrators caved to student demands.

You can read their whole letter below where they demand money for their organization, a $30 million endowment for black scholarships and more.

The new “Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community focuses on academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory,” Cal State LA spokesman Robert Lopez told The College Fix.


Комментарий из фейсбука

Jay Toland I got into college thanks to affirmative action, and the first year I was there, some of the other kids from different races would look at me funny because I dint know as much as they did about basic subjects other than my own preferred racial studies, I dint know stuffs like math and english and reading so goodly. The other kids would stare at me like they were embarrassed for me, which made me feel ashamed, which I know to be a micro-aggression. It wasnt fair that they had more advantages than me, so I made a list of demands that the college accommodate my insecurities. Now I live amongst only my own type and I am having a true university experience, and next year I am graduating with a degree in black studies, and I want a job.

Это такой толстый троллинг, что выглядит очень тонко.

Еще до кучи - очередное саадское гадство


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