Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Бен Шапиро поучает Майло


написал ему

How about understanding that people do not use language the way Ben Shapiro does? They use all literary vehicles that do not mean literal Truth (like Torah does - or rather some people read it this way). And it is perfectly normal not to mean literal true thing - but to convey some deeper meaning, that only some people would understand. It is a bit rich to call someone a jerk if someone uses all these colorful bits that make our speech interesting.
And perhaps Ben Shapiro himself should stop reading Torah too much and read something else. Like Iliad. Or some Shakespeare plays. Or even something more modern. Perhaps there is a chance for him to see that Milo is perfectly, solid good in the context of European literature, theater and even Christian religious texts, and at the same time Ben Shapiro looks sometimes like an uptight jerk, drilling boring, condescending messages from up there down to us, stupid people. Like "you are poor because your parents made wrong choices... so stop making wrong choices and make right choices " - that's Ben Shapiro central message in nearly every lecture.
Oh yeah, how about you do a right choice and go and fuck yourself to start with. I mean, literally, masturbate, Ben and return and feel better and relaxed. Then we could talk about world history, choices and why Ben Shapiro is rich and I am poor (well, not really, but I have to work at my boring job, while Ben can indulge in lecturing people).

Milo is a clown when he is speaking to all the uptight jerks of this world, and it is great. Sure he has a lots of value to offer, but to engage him in a meaningful conversation one has to hop off this sanctimonious, condescending attitude of a gravy train rider - that everyone else seem to ride, left and right.
That's what court jester is all about; to show you a mirror with your own way-too-serious face, so you may laugh at yourself, mate.
Stop lecturing us, blow off your steam, stop puffing your cheeks and start talking like a human being to another human being.

And yeah, I am keenly aware that Ben Shapiro will never read this message, so I am not really literally talking to Ben Shapiro, but using a certain literary vehicle of "open letter" mainly for my own pleasure.

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