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Полиция быстро на этот раз объявила о личности "подозреваемого". Видимо, чтобы рассеять впечатление от "Аллаху Акбар" и отвести подозрение от обычных подозреваемых. История впрочем изрядная и без ассоциаций с ISIS


The man who allegedly mowed down around two dozen people in Melbourne's CBD on Friday, killing three and injuring 20 others, has a history of drug use, violence and psychological problems.

James "Jimmy" Gargasoulas, 26, was bailed by a bail justice on the weekend after he was arrested in St Kilda for a number of alleged offences, including family violence and stealing another car, sources said.

He was staying with his mother in a public housing flat in Windsor, where he allegedly stabbed his brother, Angelo, in the early hours of Friday morning. 

Neighbours said they had regularly heard arguing inside the Raleigh Street unit.

The car Mr Gargasoulas allegedly used to mow down pedestrians belonged to 76-year-old Gavin Wilson, who lives at the housing commission flats.

Mr Wilson said Mr Gargasoulas was a "nice kid", but on Wednesday night he became violent.

He said he came into his flat with a Bible, sat down and started burning it before throwing the burning book into his face.

"I flicked it onto the floor then he stood up and punched me," Mr Wilson said.

Mr Gargasoulas attacked Gavin Wilson (pictured) on Wednesday night, thrusting a burning Bible in his face and punching him before stealing Mr Wilson's car. 

He said Mr Gargasoulas then attacked him. "Give me your keys or I'll gouge your eyes out," Mr Gargasoulas allegedly demanded. 

Gargasoulas, a father of a number of children, has a second Facebook page on which he recently began posting about religion, God, Satan, heaven and hell.

James "Jimmy" Gargasoulas
James "Jimmy" Gargasoulas Photo: Supplied

The comments are often nonsensical and rant about good and evil. In one chilling post he says an army will be needed to "take me."

On Saturday he posted: "I know exactly how to take you dogs down the power of knowing has revealed and I shall have God's laws re-instated."

до кучи - фейсбук этого штымпа


скоро выпилят, видимо

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