Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

French police sniper shoots two in error at Hollande speech

The shot was fired as the officer moved position on a roof about 100m (328ft) from a tent where Mr Hollande was speaking in the town of Villognon.
The bullet went through the canvas of the tent, where drinks were being made. It passed through a waiter's thigh and lodged in another person's calf.


Время тревожное нынче, да. "У хранителей святыни палец пляшет на курке". Неизвестно, откуда пуля прилетит, от ваших или от наших.

Так что ходи осторожно, особенно по Европе.

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