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'What about my human rights?' Sudanese youth accused of threatening to rape and murder police calls magistrate a RACIST in court tirade
Marial Dar, 20, faced court accused of threatening to kill and rape police
He shouted through his court hearing calling the magistrate a racist
Vowed to sue for racial discrimination when he was denied bail
Dar allegedly walked up to off-duty cop and made threats over an earlier arrest


A Sundanese youth called a magistrate a racist in a lengthy court tirade as he stood accused of threatening to kill and rape police.

Marial Dar angrily vented at the Sunshine Magistrates Court in Melbourne on Wednesday, ignoring repeated warnings to stop interrupting proceedings.

The 20-year-old wouldn't even stop when he mother walked to the dock and pleaded with him to show respect and apologise to Magistrate Frank Jones.

Mr Jones said bail was 'not on' and remanded him in custody to face court again - this time by video link - on March 1.

'He's a very angry man at the moment. He thinks everyone is against him,' Mr Jones said, noting that he could act on his threats if he was released.

Dar moved to Australia from Sudan in 2004 when he was just six years old.

He faces charges including damaging property, making threats to kill, threatening to assault emergency workers and behaving in a riotous manner.

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