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John is being hunted by a Bear! But John is not scared! Knights are not scared of anything! He will fight the Bear and save the Princess because that is what Knights are supposed to do! He will live happily ever after because John is a STRAIGHT! WHITE! KNIGHT! ...right?

Follow Oliver Cowen’s silent, satirical, spectacular quest to slay privilege, rescue nonbinary royalty, and escape the chokehold of toxic masculinity. Help John cope with the dismantling of his privilege, one patriarchal insecurity at a time. Straight White Knight is the fairy tale that every little boy should have been told.

This show is designed to be accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, people who use wheelchairs and mobility aids, and people who are culturally and linguistically diverse.

Warning: Contains strobe lighting, some nudity, mild coarse language, adult themes(self harm or suicide, staged violence)


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    Поговорил по телефону с Ученым Соседом, подробно обсудив содержание письма. Он полагает скачок курса акций Сони чистым совпадением, и я склонен с…

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    Поразмыслил и решил не пытаться извлечь из этого дела никакой выгоды. Вообще. Если это чепуха, то просто глупо, а если серьёзно, то слишком опасно.…

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