Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Silent majority and Talking classes. The new Dark Age.

The current society is brainwashed to think it is classless. In old sense classes indeed, almost ceased to exist as hereditary societal positions attained by birthright. Yet class structure by professional allegiance persisted, and classes so far have reached almost medieval proportions of power and control over their domains.

Enter the Guilds.

The Guild of Journalists, closely allied with other talking guilds - academics, politicians, actors and lawyers - would never come up with anything contradicting their shared interests. Instead, they are united against silent classes (which make up the so called silent majority).

My thesis that our "Liberal Western" society has long gone from anything cohesive and degenerated into a medieval set of guilds with conflicting interests, struggling for power.

I am saying that "talking classes", having access to what you may call a power of public speech - would be fools and idiots to give that power away. And they are not exactly fools and idiots. Moreover, they are convinced that everyone else except them are fools and idiots, and to deny the silent majority access to a free speech is exactly what they are supposed to do. As any medieval guild would deny an access to the tools of trade and to the customer pool to anyone outside the guild.

The hottest intellectual commodity in the talking guilds is not self-evident truth, but believable lie as a purposeful construct, allowing the talking classes to manipulate the rest of us, who are continuously denied an access to any public platform, unless we demonstrate close allegiance with the talking classes interests.

Yes, you may try to fight the crafty lies, restore the universal truths, build connections with other members of the silent majority, and your friends may draw connections, but your friends and you will be instantly marginalized by the current talking classes as a Nazi.

Nazi in the current era is an universal denotation of a Boogeyman & comical loser.

Another boogeyman and a loser is a Redneck. Or simply an "uneducated" one as an official education and academic titles opens doors to any talking guild, and absence of accreditation effectively silences you.

Speech that goes against the current Talking Guild interests is qualified as either Hate Speech, or as uninformed, outdated, totally expired.

Traitors to the talking guild - individuals allying with the silent majority may and will be kicked out, feathered and tarred, which we see currently with increasing frequency.

One simply may not have a legitimate access to any public forum unless you demonstrate class allegiance and shared interests with the talking guild.

When talking guild talks, the rest should remain silent.

Apart from their own interests, talking guild serves as an amplifier of the the (frequently unspeakable) managerial class desires and a silencer of the competing classes.

The forceful deindustrialisation of the First World and migration of global mass production elsewhere starting from 1970s created a whole swath of classes, communities, townships that are not economically viable under the new conditions, imposed from the corporate management level. No one could say directly that lifestyle and existence of Detroit worker is less desirable, because for the same price one may have two Chinese workers, Mexican gardener and an Afghani grocer on a top of it, yet to say something opposing that view is "literally Hitler".
No one may suggest Australian farmers to go and screw each other in every way except productive, and die out as an undesired class occupying a very desirable land as a result of it. Yet our talking guild may suggest that homosexual lifestyle of our Melbourne bourgeoisie with their Thai lady-boy lovers has certain wonderful benefits, unattainable to these rednecks.
Tags: новое средневековье, политика, фордизм

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