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Judeo-Christian civilization. Short course.

Henry Ford senior was self-proclaimed Anti-semite yet shared the same masonic lodge with many prominent American Jews.

His "Dearborn Independent" newspaper and following collected works from that same print provided non-ending stream of antisemitic propaganda, with many prominent Jewish names, including fellow masons, being viciously slandered.

This actually inspired some Germans (Baldur von Schirach mentioned it in Nuremberg), and Henry Ford portrait was on the wall of Hitler residence in Munich.
In 1927 HF made a curious PR trick, which created a judicial precedent in American system - -- he made public apology to ALL JEWS as a race, yet did not withdraw a single personal attack on any particular Jew he attacked previously.
In 1938 HF was awarded an Order of Eagle by the Nazi government.
The same year Henry Ford and Roosevelt had a historic meeting and worked out a deal to share power and provide stable financial arrangements - - Henry Ford started making airplanes and military trucks in bulk, supplying both American and German sides.
in 1940 Henry Ford was raised to the highest, 33rd degree in freemasonry.


Henry Ford built one major Soviet Union car-and-truck manufacturing plant from scratch (production started in 1932) - in Nizhny Novgorod, later renamed as Gorky.
This typical all-inclusive Fordian plant - with its advanced metallurgy, technology and management system to produce all sorts of engines, cars and trucks - later made a backbone of Soviet defense industry.
As the contract was made between Henry Ford and Soviet government in 1929, Soviets seemingly accepted Fordian antisemitism as a part of a new deal. Leon Trotsky, who was previously second in power, and later others - Radek, Zinoviev, Kamenev, were attacked and slandered by fellow communists, as Jewish infiltrators and subverters, diverging from mainstream Stalinist course precisely because they were Jews.
Stalin himself was sitting on a fence, as usual - "we are criticizing Zinoviev and Kamenev not because they are Jews, but because they are oppositioners".


In the "capitalist" Protestant, as well as in Orthodox and Catholic world 7 - days week, with the Sunday being a regular mandatory day for rest and prayers was a stable calendar, established prior to emergence of capitalism itself and immutable within every Christian community since early medieval times.

Contrasting to that was a Saturday as a day off, mandatory in Jewish culture. Henceforth, in neighboring Jewish and Christian communities there was an established a practice of having a Shabbos goy - a specially hired Christian to replace a Jew in his business on Saturdays, while Jews provided some services on Sundays, for example, serving drinks to the local alcoholics. More importantly, Jews served as money lenders (especially high-risk/ high interest ones) at the time when usury was thought to be a mortal sin for a Christian.

Much nicer Judeo-Christian practical arrangement was proclaimed by Henry Ford in 1926, first as a limited experiment only in his major Detroit factory.

It was 40 hours working week, with Saturday and Sunday both free for celebrating either Jewish Sabbath or Christian Liturgy.

Totally equal and interchangeable.

Introduction of this arrangement was indeed, religious and fundamentally Protestant in nature, but perhaps with a nod to fellow Freemasons, allowing Henry Ford to lay claim on both "Old" and "New" deal with God himself. Now, it is obvious that Fordian anti-semitism was not meant to be antagonistic, but rather in a sense "instead of". Who needs Jews (and non-modernized Christians) when we have Fordian managers of progress? On a top of it, very convenient Judeo-Christian Reserve Bank was established, - not exactly to Henry Ford taste, but still a functional augmentation to allow the state-wide Fordism.
After that usury, greed and other sins became rather innocuous. Moreover, most prominent Christian saints, earlier having their self-control, restraint and other virtues immortalized and celebrated every year, were then conveniently forgotten. Instead we were meant to celebrate the frenzied shopping activities with Santa Claus and rabbit eggs on a top of the standard weekend conspicuous consumption.

In exchange of having double the days off, Henry Ford and his followers, including Mussolini and Hitler, got rid of many Christian religious holidays, which were particularly numerous in Catholic and Orthodox calendars, so overall the number of working days increased somewhat for many people around the globe.

Experiment was a success, to be copied with some delays everywhere, including USSR, where Fordian 5-working-days week with glorious Saturdays and Sundays was introduced in 1940 to replace 6-days week with 5 working days and the free 6th -- which was previously thought to be one the major symbols of the communist reform, dispensing with Sundays and Saturdays as such.

Thanks to Henry Ford vision, Judeo-Christian civilization is a hardcore reality as of today. Everyone may verify it just by looking at the calendar.
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