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An apprentice chef has been cleared of murdering a burglar he found inside his home, chased down the street, and put in a chokehold.

Benjamin Batterham was found not guilty of the murder and manslaughter of Ricky Slater, who died in hospital a day after the struggle in March 2016.

'I'm very happy about the verdict being found not guilty,' he said outside the Newcastle Supreme Court after the verdict on Wednesday.

'It's been a long couple of years and finally it's over. Now it's time to move on and get on with life.'

He spent two months in prison after his arrest before being granted bail, while a petition to free him amassed tens of thousands of signatures.

Batterham smiled and nodded to the jury when the verdict was handed down. It had been deliberating since 1pm on Tuesday after a two-week trial.

Slater's mother, Beryl Dickson, immediately walked out of the courtroom.

My son was choked by that bastard... look over your back for the rest of your f**king life, you f**king c**t,' she screamed outside court.


The jury was not told about Slater's lengthy criminal history during the trial after it was ruled inadmissible.

Slater was sentenced to a minimum four years' jail for raping a 16-year-old girl in 2007, after pleading guilty to aggravated sexual intercourse without consent.

He was pantsless when he knocked on the young girl's door on June 6, 2007, before forcing his way inside the home and raping her.

Just four months before his death, Slater was released from jail after his convictions for an aggravated breaking and entering were found to be based on 'flawed CCTV footage'.

Slater was found guilty of fraud and aggravated breaking and entering after he was charged with forcing his way into a home to steal a wallet, handbag and a car.

Prosecutors claimed the car was later used in the ram raid of an adult store in Sandgate, a suburb in Newcastle, in 2012.

Could I perhaps point my finger at Beryl Dickson being literally one f**king c**t, the true source of all these troubles for people not seeking any troubles? No doubt she is exemplary "strong single woman" praised by Australian media and The Sisterhood for decades until now. She brought up and shaped up a career criminal son. And she still thinks that he is a victim, and she is a victim of some "injustice", and that her son was not a violent criminal, and not very smart one, who finally found well-fitting end to his life, trying to rob somewhat tougher citizen, father of seven-month old daughter.
No, in her eyes he was not a criminal. He was a beautiful boy, with little meth problem. Killed by some angry maniac. And there are plenty of people supporting her upside-down worldview.
Actually, if her son was not sky-high on meth and was about to die anyway, the jury may agree with her.
Add to that an apparent aboriginal ancestry and her children from various fathers, which is perfectly traditional to complicate an already juicy picture.

Angry father, perfectly ordinary citizen with no previous criminal record, protecting his home was eyed with extreme suspicion by roughly half of our society represented in the court. Too violent. Too strong. Too protective of his household. He does not want to share his valuables. Is this what White Patriarchy oppressing minorities and children looks like? Better perhaps to lock him up, take away one warrior from the White Patriarchy?

This is our current moral climate, which has to change.


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