Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Intersectionalism is an attempt to introduce fascism through the backdoor ("I am the backdoor man").
Seems like a scandalous statement, having no backing except my desire to stir some controversy?

Nope. Far from it.

By careful re-reading of Mussolini's Fascist Doctrine, simply replace corporations with all the minority groups.

True to its origin, the internationalist fascism is a corporatism (corprorativism, if you like).

Every minor interest group (homosexuals, transsexuals, blacks, greens), is formed arbitrarily by its self-appointed leaders and treated as corporate entity with homogenic interests in pursuit for power, which should be united, negotiated and doled by the State authority.

Popular support of these groups is demonstrated via public marches and demonstrations of corporate unity, again, in very similar fashion to fasci di combattimento.

Antifa went further than Blackshirts, by covering not only their bodies, but also their faces with uniform masks and applying violence to any perceived enemy including elderly women. This eagerness to demonstrate their fanaticism in unity shows how strong and persistent the fascist idea really is.

This lively pursuit of corporate unity allows for certain intellectuals of Mussolini type (he was a journalist) to negotiate the aforementioned interests in the same way that Fascist council would negotiate deals between classes of people -workers, entrepreneurs, students etc. Take note that Fascists introduced voting rights for women among their primary political achievements. Why not? Women are but a corporate entity like others.

New Intersectional Fascism is even more thorough and totalitarian than Mussolini ever dreamed of. Your own body is now divided between corporate entities and every its function down to ejaculation, childbirth or menstruation is a subject of Fascist State council power contests and negotiations on your behalf. Your own mind is divided by social media and news corporations. State may also consent and even prescribe to proceed with some changes to one's body, with all the authority and might of the government machinery and also the same State demands tight regulations of one's speech. Positively, historical Fascist Italy did not go far enough next to the new Intersectionalists.

Take that, Mussolini. You loved the State as a spiritual force, and emphasized that there'd be no individuality without a State. Great, but why limiting the power of the State by national borders and individual bodies? State may redefine the nation the way it sees fit, and the same goes for individual. You'd be whatever the State wants you to be, - man, woman or anything in between, and if the State needs more people of a different kind, it is perfectly free to import them.

The Intersectionalist Fascist councils, tribunals and such have already formed in our academia and media and gained a lots of power, so de-facto Fascist revolution is upon us.
Tags: antifa, fascism, intersectionality

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