Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

One may argue that Platonism diverts human attention from the reality of individual human existence, unique and fragile, and that platonic objective idealism is demonstrably untrue. Hypothetical pre-existence of forms ahead of material objects perhaps has no validity (yes, one may postulate laws of math, geometry, and physics as "forms", but it would be a bit of cheating)

Yet it has value.

The pursuit of absolute or final, objective truth is extremely productive in science, which has turned to high Platonism in Renaissance. This turn allowed science to be separated from both religious institutions and from the purely practical, utilitarian pursuits in technology and medicine.

What we see is not necessarily truthful, and what is not seen could exist, - it has to be discovered on a path to search for some higher objective reality.

Objective Reality is a Platonic idea, in essence, and pursuit of objectivity instead of collecting subjective viewpoints and endlessly balancing them out, or fiddling with material objects on try-and-fail-try-again basis was a ground-breaking point, which allowed European civilization to blossom.

Objective truth premise allows you to work with abstractions efficiently, - yet it requires the mind of certain uncommon magnitude. Hello, inequality.

Objective truth is pretty close to an idea of God in a Christian sense; it may not be possible to achieve as such, nor does it have any solid existential basis.

Objective truth is an authority higher than any other authority. It is an austere and unflinching judge of other's errors.

It does not matter if you are Dalai Lama, Confucious, or Nobel prize winner or Mr. President. If you are objectively wrong, anyone who serves the Objective truth could knock you off your pedestal.

Platonism put a scientist into a roles of the conquistador, or a saint, or a knight, an ultimate adventurer in a hostile land of fools and liars. Scientist is pursuing Truth with the religious zeal of Holy Grail seeker and an intimate interest of gold prospector, much like Plato himself instructed his followers.

Platonism is a radically different approach to this world experience, which presumes that the whole Universe is guided by single set of perfect and immutable laws, which one may approach by studying mathematics and astronomy as precursors to the experience of union with God, life-giver and law-giver himself.
In other words, Platonist universe is pregnant with hidden meaning.

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