Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Открываются оружейные магазины.

Маленькая, но победа либерализма над тоталитаризмом в нашем штате.

VICTORIA POLICE has reversed it restrictions on Victorian gun shops after failing to close down NSC’s legal challenge. 

So the question is now that gun shops have re-opened, is the NSC’s legal action finished?  

No.  Simply put, we do not trust VicPol and the State government for what they did or to not do it again.

IN OUR LATEST BLOG, we show you another story on our legal action in The Age, and a letter from Senator Bridget McKenzie, who has weighed into the gun shop debacle.

Click here to read the story, The Age article and the Senator's letter to the NSC.


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