Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Ludwig Wittgenstein proposed that philosophy is not a theory that could be right or wrong, not a doctrine that could be verified or falsified, but rather an activity.
In a good way, this activity may lead to clarification of one's thoughts and useful critique of one's language, yet in a bad way, the same activity may lead to obfuscation of thoughts and proliferation of linguistic chaos.
Some philosophical constructs may be boiled down to linguistic games or even to "diseases of language".
Most philosophical systems are mixtures of distilled ideas and obfuscated ignorance.
The same approach, I guess, could be applied to all the religions.
Ancient concepts, like the immortality of one's soul, as well as currently hyped constructs, like "genderqueer" or "transhuman" or "interracial" viewed via the Wittgenstein lens, could be seen as linguistic game or a disease of speech, depending on the voluntary or involuntary nature of one's involvement.
Surely, immortality of a soul is a far more interesting game (or less obscene disease) than transgenderism or feminism.
Moreover, thinkers like Thomas Aquinas already done the clarification of the language enough to separate scientific truths from all the nebulous concepts of the past, henceforth paving the road to the Enlightenment.
The modern language is diseased so thoroughly and in such a worse shape than the Medieval Latin, that we already see the return of ancient scholastic debates the number of angels dancing on the tip of the pin. Indeed, it returned with a vengeance, with a vision of children twerking on a Netflix screen, and the debate is about their oppression status and the age most suitable for their transgender surgery.

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