Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Straight from the Ministry of Truth!

Yesterday's language must conform to the political agenda of today.

Let's unperson Amy Coney Barrett.

She is politically incorrect in so many ways. She is a Catholic, which is already offensive. Her having many children is double offensive, - first as an insult to a noble abortion industry, and as a practical proclamation of white supremacy.

Then this "sexual preference". No one prefers anything of this kind! We are all marching to the Party drum and following the orders from above. All sexual choices are coming as a revealed Truth, and allowed to be handled only by the Ministry of Truth employees.


also here:


"Yesterday in this blog’s comments, a Virginia reader from Poland pointed out that one of the things people who lived under communism are seeing now that unnerves them is the way the rules change, and language changes, seemingly overnight — with edicts handed down from invisible authorities, edicts that everyone has to obey, or else. Who decided that it was offensive to use the phrase “sexual preference”? Don’t ask, just obey, or stand accused of bigotry, of creating a hostile work environment, of making others feel unsafe, or whatever else they need to say to get rid of you"

There is no lie, there is "untruth", that comes from a political enemy, and an eternal truth revealed daily to the chosen Party leaders.

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