Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Я был бы ничуть не против социалистического велфера, если бы этот велфер был соединен со здоровой трудовой этикой. Но это никак невозможно соединить, не учредив Трудовые Лагеря Смерти.

По-хорошему, вместо всего велфера нужна программа социального страхования, в которой держателем страховой кассы могло быть быть даже не государство, а нечто вроде церкви, близкой к Армии Спасения по сумме клятв, которые обязан соблюдать каждый служащий этой страховой конторы.

I wouldn't mind a socialist welfare one bit if this welfare was combined with a healthy work ethic. But these entities cannot be combined in any way without establishing Death Labor Camps, mass brainwashing, and other illiberal acts and institutions.
In a good way, instead of the whole welfare system, we need a social insurance program, in which the holder of the insurance fund could not even be the state, but something like a church close to the Salvation Army in terms of the number of self-sacrificing vows that every employee of this insurance company is obliged to observe.
State politics are undermined and the citizenry are bled to death by multiplying welfare-running bureaucracy, who simply buy votes of the (concurrently multiplying) low classes by promises of more and more welfare in all shapes and forms, all while the whole new cast of Nomenclatura brahmins are lining their own pockets first and foremost.
It also establishes a new class of state capitalists that is connected with the government officials via mass programs, contracts, and regulatory institutions, that stifle the economy and concentrate wealth in a few powerful hands of the same Nomenclatura clans, where the members of the family are participating either in business (which is no longer could be called private, but closely resembles Stalinist command economy enterprises) or in the bureaucracy, which is no longer serving the public, but presides over the citizenry, easily sacrificing national interests in order to score better international partnerships.

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