Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

The whole political system since Managerial Revolution is based on a sort of civil religion of a very special brand of American liberalism, grounded in progressive Protestantism that is simply stripped of God figure, but retains few most important revealed truths: such as blank state of human beings when they come out of the womb and infinite perfectability of human nature that allows for building the Millenial Kingdom of the Righteous.
The underlying business model of managerial improvement of all and every aspect of human life is run out of steam, the national economic growth is no more and whatever industries remain growing are like malignant tumors.
Concurrently, the state-wide liberal religion is disintegrating into small vicious sects lead by managerial zealots.
COVID-19 emergency exacerbates the problem: all the healthy parts of the national economy are suppressed while the cancerous growth is given a boost via centralized regulatory institutions controlled by megacorporations and their lobby groups. The end result will resemble the Socialist economy that stagnates, deteriorates, and underperforms while simultaneously projecting the theatrical show of most exuberant achievements.
The Socialist state is getting closer and closer to the state of perfection! Few troubles notwithstanding, like continuous fight with the non-compliant Mother Nature, constant source of unpleasant surprises, for example, seasons of the year and humans behaving like humans.
This convergent evolution of two systems reminds us all about their forerunner, - Henry Ford enterprise of early days, with regimented social life and centralized control over very private affairs, - all except the managerial elite does not have their skins in the game, they are not entrepreneurs, they don't own anything, they just run processes to their final conclusion in exchange for as high salaries as they could extract from the whole enterprise.
Tags: fordism, фордизм

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