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Catholic author Michael O'Brien denoted Star Wars ideology as "soft Gnosticism" permeating the whole set of at least the first six episodes.

It is worth noting that this same "soft Gnosticism" permeates the US liberal establishment. American liberalism is as democratic as the Jedi council, yet it is directed by a narrow elite circle who are in possession of secret and sacred truths and guards them like bank accounts. It always fights some despicable evil tyranny in the civilized world, yet easily overlooks utter misery in the lands of noble savages and/or communists. It sees women as naturally good, compassionate, and selfless creatures so that they make loving princesses that are perfectly compatible with the core principles of Democracy and Liberty, while all the evil Emperors are men, who tend to fall for dark pursuits of power, wicked physical and metaphysical wisdom and inhumane orderliness.

All this makes me suspect that the Force is a metaphor for money and the dark side uses the same money in ways contrary to liberal ideals. So that Jedi are being born with strong affinity with the Force and high midichlorian count stand for the liberal kids born into Jewish families.

Jedi council is normally so unaffected by the dark side and so attached to the light that in their inner circle they practice something akin to Buddhist meditations and in particular Zen monastic detachment from emotions, believing that giving to the emotions and attaching them to material bodies leads to the Dark side, yet these same emotions are totally forgivable among non-Jedi.

This Buddhist twist on the overall gnostic worldview is a curious insight into the inner dealings of American top zip codes, I suppose, where detached rationality and "mindfulness" has replaced most of other regular religious practices.

It is also worth noting that the Star Wars religion of liberal Gnosticism goes through the same mutations as the American strain of liberalism does.

In the first six-episodes (and in the Mandalorian series, which expands the same physical and moral universe but does not change it that much) there are several races that are either savage or evil or both. Say, Tuskan raiders are brutal savages, but they don't know good from evil because they are busy with survival and don't have time to reflect on higher matters much like Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert, while the Hutts are evil gangsters, fully aware of themselves and enjoying sadistic tortures and humiliation of other creatures.

The human race (reflecting the view of Americans upon themselves) is in between these poles, so that individual humans have a choice to pick a path of evil darkness (resembling the old ways of British empire) or a good gnostic Light, providing they listen to the enlightened liberal Jedi supporting the United Nations peaceful resolutions.

The first three original episodes, despite all the strong Gnostic and Buddhist elements, culminated in a glory of Christian filial love and metanoia, - full conversion of mind and spirit. The prequel episodes were all about the gnostic tragedy of the descent of the Chosen one into the harsh material world and futile attempts to rescue him by applying Buddhist wisdom and appealing to liberal values of democracy and freedom.

The last episodes, produced by Disney replace this somewhat relatable, yet racist and bigoted worldview with a more recent mutation of liberal ideology, more than ever detached from reality.

There are no evil nor stupid races, and any space frog may be better than any humanoid, so "don't judge creatures by their appearance". Only the naturally highly armored, strong-bodied space aliens may be under suspicion of being masculine and henceforth toxic or bullies. Totally gone are the whole races of gangsters and scavengers. I suspect, few Hutts went to become feminist professors while Jawas apparently were upgraded from scavenging into social welfare and aboriginal studies.

Noble savages became proportionally nobler, and more if they have a darker skin colour. Women were upgraded from being selfless and loving into a genius in every possible way, from governance to martial arts, who don't need any training but inject their especially noble skills and ways of thinking into any activity by merely being there.

I am keen to see further Disney episodes, where the Hutts may demand compensation from fatphobic, racist humans, recollecting insults from Princess Leia and her horrible white supremacist friends.

I would also like to see transgender wars where all the Jedi are fighting for access to 72 different lavatories for every deviation while the evil emperor is a heteronormative patriarch with a family of bigots.

Perhaps not many of us know that Jedi midichlorians when projected from politico-financial into the biological realm are coming from the family of very real midichloria bacteria, which lives in the ovaries of some blood-sucking hard ticks and consumes mitochondria - the energy factories of the cells, i.e. it is a parasite of the parasite. It is difficult not to see this as a joke, a particular dig by George Lucas against Hollywood big cheeses.


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