Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Do you like sports? I don't. Watching sweaty blokes or androgynous female athletes doesn't raise my mojo. Perhaps I am super-straight.

I would much prefer to see both sexes mingling and using all the tricks that nature has given them to achieve. Several lanky females hanging on one beefy footballer while a butch lesbian takes the ball and scratches the defender's eyes out. Or couples of various social ranking wrestling in the mud for some real prize, like a family home. This would reflect the calamitous nature of our society and make the whole show more relatable, I suppose.

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    Когда недостает проблем, И в жизни мало вам обузы, Тогда читайте вы Маркузе, И занимайтесь BLM.

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    Хорошая статья, сохраню для памяти Silicon Valley’s elite are hatching plans to escape disaster – and when it comes, they’ll leave the rest of us…

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    Прислали письмо из русского этнического представительства, которое ранее было под крылом православных зарубежников, половина из которых - власовцы, а…

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