Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

I disagree with Ben Shapiro. Police all across America (and there is a direct analogy with Australian political and social life) keeps black people in place.

A bit of a more nuanced narrative would help though. Police was handled down this unnatural role of keeping black people within the limits of socially acceptable behavior, which we may call culture, because the education system, family, and society as a whole shirked their duties in establishing standards of behaviour. For "whites" the family structures, despite the ideological and economical assault on the family, still do the job in keeping the standards up (statistically speaking), for the blacks the welfare system all but ruined families. So black people are kicked down the road of life into the hands of police.
Police is the main barrier keeping the ever-growing mass of black people incapable of achieving any degree of success without breaking the law. Sure, if they are allowed to totally disregard the laws, they'd be successful - as crooks, bandits and warlords in a lawless failed state, that the gist of it. Africa is full of such states. Success for some of such aspiring blacks means misery for many, but the elite do not care about the majority of Les Miserables.

I seriously commiserate with the police in this situation. Sure, the establishment will keep hanging on to their social engineering policies, despite them being proven faulty through the decades. Police will be the scapegoat, then racist rednecks in general.

The key answer is in dismantling the whole social engineering as a project brought by the welfare state, which is, in turn, is brought by Fordism (my main and favourite target).


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