Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

More wokeism to brainwash the kids

I am curious as two how the claim could be made that all the "first people" experience the arrival of settlers as an invasion. First of all, there is no such unity as "first people", it is recent invention. There were tribes. Some of the tribes got an instant boost in their status and welfare after the settlers came, some became hostile and went into doomed war.

Second, should we at least make an effort to ask every individual with aboriginal ancestry, - please evaluate whether you are better off/worse off being a modern Australian as we are, rather than remaining a member of your tribe and living a traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle (I suspect not many could honestly claim that they prefer the second; all this Russoist claptrap is a product of petty bourgeoisie who are too cowardly to step out into the wilderness and too attached to their fridges and coffee making machines to do anything of a kind past incessant chatter about Mother Nature and Freedom from capitalist oppression).

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    Суета вокруг куропатника. Агрессивную буржуазную самку отделили решетчатой перегородкой от прочих. Она тут же успокоилась, занялась едой,…

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    Жена докупила к паре куропаток еще трех - женского пола. Полагается среди знатных куропатоводов, что оптимальный размер яйценоского выводка этих…

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    Поучаствовал в "диалоге", то есть бесконечном и бесплодном споре между ортодоксальными католиками и протестантами - фундаменталистами. Отголоски…

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