Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

(My Russian audience may skip this "повторяющийся, натужный юмор")

Have you ever wondered how a toilet actually works? It's actually pretty simple. There are a few parts that are crucial to a toilet powerful flush. When you flush the toilet by pressing down the flush handle, the rubber flapper, sometimes referred to as a float valve, is lifted up. This causes the water that was held in the toilet tank to rush into the bowl and flush the waste. As the water moves from the tank to the toilet bowl, the flapper slowly sinks again to seat on the flush valve. As the toilet flapper closes off the water to the bowl, the toilet fill valve, sometimes referred to as a ballcock, begins to bring water back into the toilet tank to recharge for the next flush.

Ok. This is all well known.

Now lets dwell on the unknown, yet obvious issue.
Most of the toilet parts, including bowl, tank and even tiles on the floor are white!
It is maddening how many people fail to notice this in-your-face or rather up-your-bum racism in their everyday life.
It is well overdue to turn this subversive white supremacism of sanitation around and introduce toilets of the multucultural, gender-diversified, eco-friendly color scheme.
Obviously, some private users will prefer toilets of their own skin color. Black may be too radical, but various shades of brown would be as appropriate for our progressive times, as skin-color skin patches or condoms.
Then obviously we need green loos. A green water closet suits the needs of any green activist.
Blue ones may be preferred by gays or gay-friendly or bi-curious folks. Also, it is one of the colors of the Israel flag, so you'd be symbolically participating in the national anthem and/or in the Jewish struggle against antisemitism.
Rainbow colored ones would find the market in the LGBT community.
All the Shades of Grey are a sure bet for the multimillion feminist audience.
Shall I continue or shall I file a patent or start my own business enterprise?

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