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“These people only put up with these feeble-minded boys because they were in love with them,” he told the lawmakers. His summary did not seem to provoke concerns. Perhaps the politicians were receptive because the project seemed to be the opposite of the Nazis’ reproductive experiments, with their rigid emphasis on propagating certain kinds of families, or perhaps they were unconcerned because, in their opinion, the boys were already lost. In the sixties and seventies, the political élite were suddenly taking an interest in the lower class, but their capacity for identification was apparently limited.
--- what a startling admission! Isn't the political elite of today any different in their attempts to save women and all kinds of minorities from what they perceive as oppression? Except of course they have abandoned the lower classes as an object worthy of their valiant salvation efforts.
At school, Marco had no close relationships. Henkel encouraged him to misbehave, rewarding him with computer games if he spat, talked out of turn, or overturned chairs. He skipped class and rarely did his homework. He ended up switching schools seven times, which, he now believes, was Henkel’s plan.
When Marco turned eighteen, he was legally free to leave Henkel’s home, but it didn’t occur to him to move out. “It’s very hard to describe, but I was never raised to think critically about anything,” he said. “I had an empty mind.”
I would bet that a major part of critical thinking comes from self-analysis and the realization of the flawed nature of some impulses. Self-control and self acculturation are needed to achieve higher goals, while easy hedonism and unrestrained urges, covered with a glaze of gay niceness are leading in the opposite direction.
One could understand the human desire for such an anarchic gay lifestyle after the Nazi regime, but one cannot justify enshrining it in the state institutions and the Academy.
Berlin’s education senator, Sandra Scheeres, a member of the Social Democratic Party, wanted to see if Marco and Sven would accept a compensation package rather than pursue a lawsuit that seemed doomed. She believed that the AfD was giving them bad advice, unnecessarily prolonging their attempt to get money. She told me, “I found it quite strange how the AfD worked with the victims—how close their relationship was, and that they gave legal advice to them. Of course, it is O.K. if the AfD draws attention to injustices, but what happened here was uncommon. I’ve never experienced something like it...
Sandra Scheeres, the senator for education, had apologized to Marco and Sven, and the Senate offered them more than fifty thousand euros—in Germany, where compensation for damages is much lower than it is in the United States, this was seen as a significant amount.
Christoph Schweer, the AfD adviser, had urged Marco and Sven to keep fighting, but Marco couldn’t understand why....
Marco and Emma were getting married at the end of the month, and he didn’t want to think about his past. “I just wanted to end the whole thing, to have this chapter closed,” he said. He planned to take Emma’s last name.
Seems like a happy ending from a feminist perspective, isn't it? No lessons from the past, just take the strong female saviour last name and hope for the best.
I am sure some twenty, thirty, or fifty years from now our current epoch will produce equally sad byproducts of feminism, antiracism, transgender activism, and minority worship in the shape of personal tragedies, with brainwashed empty minds, for all future writers and readers to cry over or to experience an exquisite schadenfreude.
I am also sure the faux liberals would be satisfied if these sad cases would receive some monetary reward for entertaining us and then just disappear into the wilderness to be discovered and adopted by some saviour years later. Critical thinking and self-governance within the limits of a fully functional society are not parts of today's majority political agenda.

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