Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

Поучаствовал в "диалоге", то есть бесконечном и бесплодном споре между ортодоксальными католиками и протестантами - фундаменталистами.
Отголоски кураевского форума, брожение старой закваски.
Была ли Католическая Православная Церковь создана (created) в 4 веке?
Я предложил лучший термин - коалесцировала (сoalesced), то есть сгустилась подобно протопланетному диску.
Что было встречено в штыки первым же католиком, который спорил до тех пор и требовал источники моего мнения (а их довольно таки много), пока я не убедил его, что я не спорю, а лишь предлагаю лучший термин, который может снять большую часть спорного вопроса.
Далее я пояснил еще. О том, в чем я усматриваю конкретное зло имперского культа, который напялил на себя католические одежды.
Real trouble with civil enforcement of religious code is that it culled the "heresies", i.e. nuanced opinions locally understood to be partially true. In this way, the "true" Catholicism did not only coalesce but was created by imperial edict.
Yet the fundamentalists miss the point entirely.
The Church is all about ongoing friendly dialogue (literally between people sharing food and wine) and relaxed refinement of our language, which is impossible without diverging opinions and long chains of reasoning, naturally competing and coalescing around better sources. To claim that one has the entire Truth in a shape of any book or a learned opinion of an unquestionable authority is to claim to be or to be a slave to a God-like mortal individual, which is not a Heresy as such, but a direct insult to God and the worst sin, short of full desperation and rejection of Jesus.
Heresies are directly prescribed in the Gospels, yet they are anathema to the civil authorities (and church bureaucracies installed from above or purchased from the folks in need of cash, not Truth) seeking conformism as in the early Church history as today.

Catholicism only partially escapes this conundrum by institutionalizing few heresies in monastic orders (many examples of diverging Dominican/Jesuit views, tolerated by the Pope who deliberately stops the most heated arguments). Protestantism instead allows the "branches" with their favorite heresies to grow rather wildly, never directly competing with each other in any form, except trying to attract as many followers as their purse allows; so that the Truth may never be discovered, but further obscured by the overgrowth.

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