Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

The most of world problems we all witnessing at the moment are coming from the desire of some humans to be or rather look good. At least publicly. Oh, and don't get me started on the public taste of what is "good". Soft drinks, books, and cinema ticket sale figures are my witnesses.
This desire to be good, look good and have good in a can or on-screen leads to a lot of unnecessary suffering and an atmosphere of not-so-cold war, but rather bloody under carpet rat fight among shit and dust and guts of other rats. Have some pride. Be a human.

If I would be in the position of Dalai Lama, Pope, or something like that, I would ask people to practice at least two public evil, disgusting or despicable acts per day. If you have an impulse of empathy, don't try doing straightening all the crookery in the world, try finding your own crooked side and explore it. Go to the depth of your plumbing and bring out all the shit that is stirred in you. On a condition that it is done utterly openly and with true enjoyment. Lie and be a hypocrite, but be strong to admit that you say what you say for a selfish purpose and to hide your ugly truths. Watch your happy face in a mirror and masturbate and broadcast it to all your friends. Perhaps then there is a chance to find Jesus or Nirvana or whatever. Or perhaps we may have some worldly peace and quiet away from you, at a distance, behind walls. Otherwise, we are all doomed to hell, even if you call it paradise or social justice.

Find and embrace your naughty, nasty and evil side, enjoy it. Perhaps some looting, setting fire to public buildings, and bashing those who try to resist is not that bad after all, but please do it with your own happy face. If you enjoy watching all this hell or screen, as some people enjoy horror and trash cinema, just enjoy and don't make a sour face, nor hide behind an avatar or under a mask. Stuff yourself with popcorn, have a big gulp of Coke. Read the chemical contents on a label and have fun being a toxic mutant. If you chose your side and enjoy killing enemies on the other side as well as your own ugly self, so be it, don't try to hide it, it is demeaning.

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