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.... the mega-state exists for the purpose of social manipulation. Its elite, trained in the techniques of social engineering and social therapy gains power and budgetary resources by inventing social problems and crises and then designing and applying solutions for them.
State and Revolution


In the early 20th century, the elite identified unemployment, labor disputes, and the existence of slums as problems that needed solving by government action. Later in the century, the increasingly powerful elite discovered additional social and cultural problematic phenomena such as crime, drugs, family breakdown, racism, homophobia, sexism, sexual harassment, illiteracy, homelessness, child abuse, spouse abuse, environmental abuse, AIDS, gun ownership, smoking, junk food, alcohol, date rape, Eurocentrism, etc., for which it has a bottomless supply of science, therapies, and technologies from which it can expect to gain even more power.
To overcome and undermine the customs and values of the old bourgeois elite that were seen to be backward and “reactionary” obstructions to this new cosmopolitan ideology of humanist progress and social change, the managerial ruling class allied itself with America’s urban Black underclass and other groups outside the traditional U.S. cultural mainstream, such as homosexuals and Hispanic immigrants, “to dislodge rival elites in private, social and local institutions and jurisdictions and exploit the middle class.” Multiculturalism, the cult of diversity, affirmative action, forced school busing for “racial balance,” “homosexual marriage,” and especially mass immigration provided America’s new ruling class with what Sam described as “unglimpsed vistas of social manipulation in the form of new opportunities for managing civil rights, ethnic conflicts, education, health, housing, welfare, social therapy, and assimilation itself.
Government elites thus anticipate using immigration as a new fulcrum of bureaucratic power . . . that can advance their own
agenda of managing social change and displacing traditional cultural institutions through the care and feeding of immigrants.
‘Hate crime’ laws, racial sensitivity courses, and anti-Western Third World curricula are among the instruments for imposing a new cosmopolitan cultural hegemony and plowing under Euro-American patterns of culture.
/Fran Griffin, commentary to Leviathan and Its Enemies by Samuel T. Francis/


The old Entrepreneurial/bourgeois elite was interested in the outcomes (success or lack thereof of a new venture, return on investment, etc). The outcome is objective and can be measured. The old elite continues to exist but became obsolete and subservient to the Managerial elite.
The current Managerial elite is interested in procedures.
There are so many ways to skin the cat.
Each and every one of them is according to your family recipe, but there is one most sophisticated, a secret of our top chef. The resulting array of dishes' tastes is highly subjective and open to interpretation by the critics. But it is the whole restaurant experience that matters, from checking in down to visiting the lavatory, while not visiting thousands of other restaurants serving the same cat meat not to mention the common end result of an individual digestive process. It is the whole theatrical decorations around it that make the difference.
This is what keeps the new elitarians in power and the old elite in check. Ever evolving, more convoluted, confusing, hard-to-follow procedures, regulations, rules, fads, and newly invented taboos, manipulating public consciousness in advertising campaigns, PR exercises, and war-like propaganda, harnessing every insecurity and every doubt into new structures of power and promising smooth set of processes as a product, while the actual result becomes a byproduct.
The outcome of these procedures is not even secondary, it is something to be avoided, as an inevitable payback for all managerial sins. The misty promise of a bright future can easily turn into a threat of a worldwide reckoning of Armageddon; in both cases, there will be no problems to solve except a mere continuation of existence. This finality of managerial procedures is a threat to the managerial elite.
Ideally, the outcome is to be replaced with a new set of procedures in the next cycle of managerial "progress", so there is never an objective failure of a poorly constructed system, but a neverending evolvement with ever-increasing managerial oversight. Managerial order is wide open to corruption, and receding Protestant ethics with the outdated legal system offers weak and diminishing protection against many new opportunities for perfectly legal and wonderfully fashionable fraudulent schemes.
The alpha-manager or top politician, much like an old Soviet Union member of the Nomenclatura class, may jump from one faulty venture to another as he never bears full responsibility for anything except the successful, at least on paper, implementation of policies and public relationship maintenance as measured by the polls that are as easy to fabricate as any news article.
"The values of the weak prevail because the strong have taken them over as devices of leadership." /FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE
The emerging Expert class, currently propping up the Managerial elite by manipulated science and overestimated technology, has a heroic task of removing the manager off its shoulders and forging more direct and open relationships with his clientele - the middle-ground silent majority.
This is arguably the best outcome to the current conundrum, but there are other possible courses for the history to run through, and none of them looks particularly attractive. The most obvious one is the old James Burnham/ Samuel Francis thought about the rising tide of racial and ethnic segregation that would blow the current world managerial order into natural, yet backward-moving tiny pieces, or less realistic yet more attractive utopian idea that identarian movement will somehow coalesce into a fourth Reich.


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