July 21st, 2011

приятно поддамши


Принял тяжелое, но мужественное решение бросить пить коньяк, особенно по утрам, и начать пить арманьяк, которым ранее пренебрегал.

Потому что Ученые опять сделали полезное открытие

Health benefits

Research conducted by scientists at Bordeaux University in 2007 suggested that Armagnac has health benefits,[3] finding that moderate consumption can help protect against heart disease and obesity. The research seemed to indicate that the benefits derived from its unique distillation process and aging rather than from its alcoholic content. The southwestern area of France, where Armagnac is produced, has some of the lowest cardiovascular disease rates in the world.[citation needed]

Вкратце Арманьяк, употребляемый регулярно - и от сердешных неполадок, и от ожирения предохраняет.