September 13th, 2015

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Modern Talking

(на самом деле этих видео десятки, один дизайн другого кондовее)

Недавняя мода, из Америки, как и все моды: обогреваем целый дом при помощи четырех свечек и двух цветочных горшков! Чудовищные экономии! Оказывается электрические и газовые компании водят народ за нос, выколачивая сотни из простаков. Можно обойтись четырехцентовой свечкой.

В комментах попадается скептик, нехороший человек.

Problem is that tea candles produce 26 BTU of heat per hour. So while it may be 4c per hour per 8 candles, consider that it takes 4250 BTU to raise the ambient temperature of a room by 10C. This means that you would have to have 8 candles lit for 20.6 hours constantly to raise the ambient temperature of the room by 10 degrees total. Heat loss through infiltration of a small room build of brick with no windows is 0.36 BTU per foot squared per hour, therefore, in just a very small 12x9x10 room (like a bathroom) you are going to lose 388 BTU per hour. Which means that you have absolutely no heat generation whatsoever. 

This whole heater idea is just a waste of money, as you can literally never heat your room through it. The ceramic pots don't do anything. They are great insulators of thermal energy, and thick pots can actually contain the heat of a thermite reaction (approximately 4500C for around 20 seconds). The pots actually hold your potential heat generation back. Yea, they might get hot, but that heat never goes anywhere, because the ceramic never gets hot enough to radiate thermal energy into the air (another great insulator).

И вызывает народную неприязнь, как любой умник

So smart you're stupid.

Находится робкий интель, который поддерживает умника и высказывает критические замечания в адрес системы, которая плодит кретинов

Ov, thank you for your intelligent analysis.  I'm in education and you are right, people don't want to think, analyze, synthesize and listen to a very intelligent analysis.  It is the dumbing down of American curriculum.  They just want to react and say someone is being a naysayer.  They don't want to listen to reason.  My inner city students are like this.  This lack of critical thinking skills is ruining America.  Even looking at the photo, do you think that several small candles are going to heat a room?  It is better to open the shades and let the sun shine through south facing windows.  And, if they don't like something, they always say, "Why should I"?  It is tiresome.

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+OvAppolyon you do know that you can heat a car or small room with JUST the t-lights or candles right? I've done it a few times sadly, car broke down in the middle of the night in the winter & a power outage due to an ice storm! Just by looking at this I can tell you it absolutely would make a significant difference in the temp of a room!!!

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+Lisa Maynard No wonder, you're  a broad. No shit that candles produce heat, he's not disputing this. Obviously a car's interior is not even close to the same size of a damn living room.

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