August 11th, 2016

приятно поддамши

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Больше ада!

Государство Индонезия посылает 5 тысяч студентов учиться в Австралию.

Индонезийские студенты будут изучать в Австралии ... главным образом Ислам. На мировом уровне!

Jakarta. The directorate general of Islamic education at the Ministry of Religious Affairs signed a cooperation agreement with the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) to send 5,000 Indonesian students to Australia for their PhD studies, at the Embassy of Australia in Jakarta on Wednesday (10/08).

The director general, Kamaruddin Amin said that the agreement will help university lecturers further their education, especially in the field of Islamic studies.

According to ATN executive director Renee Hindmarsh, the collaboration will not only strengthen the relationship between Australia and Indonesia, but will also help provide the students access to a world-class education.

"We hope that students who choose to study in one of our member universities will be able to graduate and step into the professional world and be able to create jobs for the future,” Hindmarsh said.

ATN is a consortium consisting of five Australian universities which are Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of Technology, RMIT University, University of South Australia and Curtin University.

Только самый прожженый политик не найдет это известие абсурдным и только самый беспринципный делец не найдет этот гешефт в высшей степени сомнительным.