February 3rd, 2017

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Репортеры все разнузданнее


A woman with a debilitating medical condition has been bashed by a group of youths after doing the shopping in Mitcham this morning.

Jacqui had just left Coles with three bags of shopping when she was set upon by three to four youths of African appearance wearing hoodies, their faces covered at 6am.

She says she was kicked while she was on the ground.

"They kicked me in the back and and I fell over and they kicked me in the head," she told Neil Mitchell.

"They were laughing."

She said they called her a "white b***h".

"They were bashing me for fun."

Это все Трамп и Майло, раздувают ненависть белых супремасистов.

приятно поддамши

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На небесах горят паникадила,
А снизу - тьма.
Ходила ты к нему иль не ходила?
Скажи сама!
Но не дразни гиену подозрения,
Мышей тоски!
Не то смотри, как леопарды мщенья
Острят клыки!
И не зови сову благоразумья
Ты в эту ночь!
Ослы терпенья и слоны раздумья
Бежали прочь.
Своей судьбы родила крокодила
Ты здесь сама.
Пусть в небесах горят паникадила,
В могиле - тьма.

Following the violent anti-free-speech protests in Berkeley, California last night - sparked by cal's special snowflakes hurt feelings at the potential words that would come out of Milo Yiannopoulos' mouth during a sold-out event - it appears America's curiousity has been piqued.</p>

Sales of Milo's book have increased 12,740% overnight sending it rocketing from 642nd to 5th ranked best-seller on Amazon. Pretty impressive considering the book is not even released until March 14th 2017.


So despite all the best efforts of the liberal intelligentsia to shut down his 'free-speech' last night - hurting the feelings of 600 conservatives who were looking forward to the event - we suspect a lot more than 600 Americans are now about to get a crash course in how Milo thinks.