February 18th, 2020

приятно поддамши

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Weinstein lawyer delivers a callous closing argument: "Women have choices"

( hail storm of derisive laughter )

I guess, counter - argument, provided by our crop of infantile feminists would be that there is no choice in greed nor in envy. Women are simply made this way so that greed and envy compels them, and that's it. Much like homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice, according to some ideologues, but "they are made this way".

As well as Weinstein did not have any choice whether to be grossly obese, smelly, lacking fully descended testicles and Jewish. He is just thrown into this world from his mother womb as he is, with no choice whatsoever. But he is also entitled to his portion of fun, love and pursuit of happiness. Like all the other children.

Then these perpetual children start throwing guilt at each other, like chimpanzees throwing a ball of their own feces. Children are blameless, guilt-free and pure, they are simply "made this way". Guilt is a perfect missile. Something that I excreted, it stinks, but it is not mine, it belongs to the Nature I came from. Throw it away, as far as you can! Hundred extra happiness points if it sticks to your enemy!

Hey, Judge, your honor! What they do is what they are, and who are you to judge them? You cannot walk two steps in their shoes. Just give them what they want right now. Let them play their games until one of them starts crying, then redistribute wealth like an adult redistributes sweets. Take a bunch from greedy brat Harvey and give it to sweet little Jessica. This will heal her boo-boo.

Then society has to take a deep breath, accept and adopt all this BS as yet another shade of grey cloud, taking away our blue-blue sky.