April 16th, 2020

приятно поддамши

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Кстати о борьбе с патриархией в Австралии. Когда полиция и суды пропитаны феминистической идеологией, белых патриархальных мужчин садят в тюрьму по самому вздорному и лживому обвинению.


I would cautiously propose that "Get Pell" agenda is but a part of wider Leftist agenda "Destroy Patriarchy", and Pell is but a most prominent example of mass injustice done routinely in the name of this ideological drivel.
If the accuser is fitting the leftist definition of "vulnerable" and the accused is fitting the defined pattern of "perpetrator" of violence, viewed primarily through the feminist prism, the police is instructed to act as if it is an already proven crime. And of course it leads to abuse of power, - not by imaginary Patriarchy, but by very real police force and the courts of law.