June 26th, 2020

приятно поддамши

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The time of unlimited market expansion, fuelled by the Fordian model of unlimited mass production and propped by the managerial ideology of unlimited rationalization and optimization of anything and everything, is over.

What is left is beyond salvation by managerial efforts.

And these leftovers are plentiful enough to ignite another revolution.

In fact, most of these unwanted people don't have any clue they are unwanted, but sure they suspect something, they feel insecure.

Much like in Fordian system of 1920s, there is a figure of a Manager (Henry Ford personalized), and his Wife (sometimes supplemented by a priest of a progressive branch of Protestantism). The role of a Wife is to spread charity all over the optimized company space, to pick the fallout, to make it all neat and pretty.

This is your Republican and Democrat parties (The Liberals and the Labor when projected to Australia).

Now the trouble is, as stated above, that market expansion is over, the company is getting bankrupt, but the charitable sector managed by the Wife has grown beyond any reason, in fact, it went totally cancerous. The Wife is now dictating the company policies, with one singular goal - to extract as much cash from his estranged husband pocket as it is possible just for today, to keep the appearance of orderliness.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest also helps to understand the current dynamics. Nurse Mildred Ratched, passive-aggressive power-hungry manipulative asshole with a neat hairdo is running the whole show. You see the madhouse, the noise is overwhelming? You can't even hear yourself think already for the mind-numbing muzak is getting into your brain? That's her managerial efforts, that's her domain.
Try to resist and run into peril of being electrocuted, castrated and lobotomized. Why? Because it is for the benefit of the rest of her patients, as she sees it.

Remember the Democracy in Her ward? Voting for the World Series to be put on TV? Three votes, not good enough for the good Americans to win. Then nine, only half, still not good enough with the goalposts shifted. This is the state of your democratic institutions right now.

Well, the aged Fordian companies, especially our education system, now run by Mildred Ratched - like politicians, will keep treating you like a psychiatric asylum inhabitants, or little kids, needing all the imbecilic rules imposed from above. And guess what? These rules you'd start noticing only at the time of major disturbance and the following scarcity.

But then it may be too late, as she'd manipulate your sense of shame and make you take the knee, so your only escape to freedom with dignity is to kill yourself, as that poor stuttering Bily boy did in the finale of the book and the movie.

And whatever you do to that diabolical nurse Mildred, will be seen as an unwarranted violence, pure male toxicity.