July 3rd, 2020

приятно поддамши

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In the Soviet Union, all the smart people learned to read in between the lines. As state propaganda was the only source of information, but the lines of text were filled with obvious falsehoods, the only true source came in the white space between these lines.

Same applied to TV - you have to listen to the pauses between the words, dismissing the red noise.

It is a good time for people of the blessed West to learn this skill.

Sure there are still dissenters that are speaking almost freely, but they are all under the gun of "de-platforming" and self-censoring as a result.

Those who don't, - disappear from public space.

Empty spaces they leave behind speak volumes of truth for a keen observer.

Free speech platforms are still almost as small as private kitchens, where USSR citizen truly exercised their right for free speech. We were all closeted free speakers. Now it is everyone else's turn.

It is interesting to point out that in USSR there was a million-strong army of informers, rapping on dissenters to KGB. Some people thought that it was a uniquely Russian phenomenon.

Obviously, it is not. With enough incentive, all the West will be swept with the same mania of finding Trotskyists, sorry, White Supremacists in their neighborhood.