July 8th, 2020

приятно поддамши

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Single twit, few words made a group of certain students feel unsafe.

Also put it into the context of having people bashed, businesses robbed, houses burned and children killed during the "protests", - all this real violence is not supposed to make anyone feel unsafe, but safer!

This amazing upside-down worldview is what our universities create nowadays, thanks to the postmodernist technology of mindfuck.

What this mindfuck does in practice, - it actually allows you to look for dissidents; these insolent dudes who are not sharing the same ideology as the ruling Party adheres to.

Any joke against Comrade Stalin, any critical voice - and the entire ruling Party feels "unsafe"; the whole neural network of student activists starts sending signals and keeps sending 'em until the threat of divergent idea is eliminated.

Was Comrade Stalin as a person that fragile that he cannot take a joke? No, that's the wrong idea to start with. But the position of Comrade Stalin as a dictator was fragile indeed; there were plenty of people more qualified for the job, and the job itself was a fragile construct hanging by a thread of false ideological presuppositions.

If everyone is allowed to smear Stalin with jokes, he is not a glorious icon of the Communism, he is not much more than an ugly criminal and should not be on a podium, but in prison.

Which justifies hunting down the dissident and putting him in Gulag.

Same with George Floyd and BLM. The students are not THAT fragile, but their positions are. And they are in the universities only thanks to affirmative action and quotas. So they will channel their positions being unsafe and their political careers threatened into this witch-hunt. Also, it is much more fun than doing any actual study or work, which was also true for Soviet communists.

The key problem underpinning this situation is the presence of students on campuses who won't be there if solely their academic worth was considered. They are installed there by revolutionary forces, i.e. by the political will of the previous generation of activists and the current bureaucrats who are making sure that quotas and the whole affirmative action skews the meritocratic system into something else.

Why not to skew it even further, into a pure communist landscape of fake equality and unchallenged Party rule?