July 10th, 2020

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Подписался на Blaze TV. С душком, но всяко интереснее шизофренического мейнстрима. Между работой очень даже недурно.

Гленн Бек жжот, сотона.
приятно поддамши

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Whiteness Training has historical roots in the Duluth model, another "training program" targeting men accused of domestic violence, but not convicted for any actual crime.

This Duluth model is based on Feminist ideology, which accuses all men of participating in and benefiting from so-called Patriarchy. Later refinements saw it narrowing down the target to White and Hetero males.

Patriarchy and Whiteness are pretty much the same religious constructs, but in two different sectarian worldviews. They are cardinal sins that have to be confessed and exterminated trough indoctrination into these sects worldviews.

Both sects were started by religious zealots (early feminist Ellen Pence and later intersectional one Robin DiAngelo correspondingly), but picked up and developed by Democrat politicians (Michael Paymar and the current anti-Trump mob), as political weapons and money-making machines.

It is interesting to point out that in recent years Duluth model was proven to be utterly inefficient in reducing domestic violence, - totally contrary to the proclaimed target of suchlike training, - the Democrats started distancing themselves from it and Michael Paymar, who's portrait was first on display in Wikipedia page about Duluth model, now hides in the footnotes.

Moreover, in his personal Wikipedia page his proud achievement of building a billion-dollar worldwide Duluth industry, that brainwashed or attempted to brainwash tens of thousands of men, is also hidden.

This reminds me of the Soviet Communist party constantly rewriting its own history.

I am sure, a similar trick will be played with Whiteness training. It is an expedient political tool to be used as of now, and the consequences of using this tool are totally irrelevant to the politicians using it.
Yet there may be a bunch of Whites who are eager to confess their non-existing sins as soon as they are allowed to commit real sins and crimes, as well as there was a crop of whiny males eager to confess their toxic masculinity as soon as they were left alone to do real nasty shit.

This is in the nature of any religious sect. True evil hides itself under a thin veneer of hypocrisy, offered by sect leaders.


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BLM как религия практически соответствует гностицизму и является гностической сектой, наряду с радикальным феминизмом - миром управляет злой и тупой Демиург - Патриарх и Трамп его наместник на земле, и все люди находятся в его рабстве, помимо людей духовных и просветленных.

Меланин в коже, поглощая солнечный свет, автоматически просветляет, закрепляет и печатает негативы.

А непросветленным белокожим, погрязшим в материализме надо раз в месяц признаваться в грехах мизогинии, трансфобии и расизма, посещать собрания просветленных и платить членские взносы. Тогда они станут людьми душевными, полезными, но до подлинной духовности смогут дорасти только методом Рейчел Долежаль, покрасившись ваксой навсегда и отринув белую бездуховность.

Introduction to Melanin

“Melanin is the Root of the Black Tree of Life.” Richard King, M.D.

Melanin is a multifunctional chemical substance found throughout nature. Melanin exists in land, seas, soil, food, the universe, and womb of all mothers. The chemical melanin is one of the building blocks or core ingredients found in the soil of the earth; the soil used to mold the first man into a hueman (sic!) being.

According to the late doctors of psychiatry, Frances Cress Welsing, M.D. and Richard King, M.D., “The BLACK color of melanin allows its chemical structure to absorb, store, and generate light and sound energy, once it contacts the molecule.” More profoundly, Dr. King explained that, “The ability of blacks to absorb the most sunlight allows blacks to have a higher level of perception and the ability to communicate with the spiritual world.” The perfect example is The George Washington Carver Phenomenon.