August 3rd, 2020

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Craziest book ever

I can not recall ever having read a crazier book. I can't believe the praise on the back of the book, from what you assume are learned people. It's sad that books like these even exist. But it sure is a conversation starter.

Book tells a story of a boy struggling with his apparent homosexuality, being molested by his uncle.

And here's an author, most likely fictional:

"Richard Cohen, a former homosexual, now married with three children, struggled for most of his life with unwanted same-sex attractions", [...]. In 1982, Cohen married Jae Sook, a South Korean woman suggested to him by church leader Sun Myung Moon."

Comments are hilarious. Is it gay propaganda corrupting little children or anti-gay propaganda smearing gays as child molesters?

You are to decide. Unfortunately, the book current price on Amazon (Australia) is quite prohibitive.

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P.S. Yippie! Found it on youtube