October 21st, 2020

приятно поддамши

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English translation of Gospels is particularly misleading in one spot. "Blessed are the meek" is a total mindfuck. The original Greek "πραεῖς" is much better translated as in Russian Bible, "кроткие", which is derived from almost precisely equivalent root meaning self-control or self-taming.

Indeed, a much better translation for English readers would be "Blessed is the Gentleman" (somehow I feel that plural Gentlemen would lose the focus on individual self-control and put it on appearances of "gentlemen's club"). So, it is back to the individual, who is certainly not that meek but exercises rational self-control -

One who successfully tames his animal passions, who is cultured, refined, and in full control of his faculties.

One who carries a good sword and knows when to unsheath it with a great effect and when to sheath it with magnanimity.