Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

О Бобкове, из доступного в инете


"Контрразведчик - это не профессия, это образ жизни. По долгу службы им приходится много читать, думать, изучать, следить за новинками, чтобы на равных разговаривать с противником. А ведь последний тоже умен, и здесь важно, кто кого интеллектуально переиграет, чьи доводы окажутся более доходчивыми для ума и сердца.

Уходя в отставку, генерал армии Бобков забрал с собой картотеку Пятого управления КГБ

Вражеские голоса:

In mid 1998 Russia had 2,500 banks and 72,000 commercial organizations with their own security services.23 Some of the security services in large banks and financial-industrial groups can rival in size the security apparatus of a small country. They are often headed by high-ranking former officers of the KGB. The head of security at Stolichnyi Bank is a former commander of the specialized Alpha unit, for example, while the former deputy chief of the KGB, Philip Bobkov, is in charge of security at the Most group. By the end of 1999, there were 4612 security services of this type in Russia.

      Private protection companies, that are used by smaller banks and enterprises, make up the second category of security agencies.24 These firms, which numbered more than 6700 in Russia by the end of 1999, contract with clients to provide protection and enforcement services. Like the company security services, private firms have often been founded by high-ranking former officers, or groups of individuals from security backgrounds who believe they can market their expertise to clients. Other security firms developed into formalized businesses after beginning as informal security providers for specific commercial deals.

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