Савелий Балалайкин (balalajkin) wrote,
Савелий Балалайкин

еще о прекрасном. Пришел дивный спам

Dear friend,

On behalf of the Global Watch for Humanitarian Affairs (G.W.H.A), I Miss Cynthia Nathaniel, a member of the Global Watch for Humanitarian Affairs, invite you to participate in the fourth Annual International Global combine Conference on Child Abuse and Global Peace, which the Global Watch for Humanitarian Affairs (G.W.H.A) is excited to be hosting in October 18th – 22nd 2010, Venue; Miami Central Hall (Miami Florida - U.S.A), and from October 25th – 29th 2010 at Hotel Max (Dakar Senegal West Africa)for the second phase.
Earth Turn Elite Hotel and Suit (Miami Florida USA) and Hotel Max (Dakar Senegal) are the recommended hotel designated to accommodate all participants for this unique and prestigious Global Conference.
The Workshop welcomes paper presentation from any interested participants.
Participants will enjoy shows and tours in the host countries. Also awards will be given out to best Ten candidates.
For registration form and other details, write an acceptance letter to be part of this event and send directly to Mrs. Angela D. Harrison (Conference Organizing Secretariat) E-mail: event.secretary@globomail.com

Note: you will be provided with air tickets, visa assistant, and accommodation for the period of stay in the United States.
I encourage you to share this invitation with anyone you believe would be interested in attending the conference.

Register Now!
Miss Cynthia Nathaniel

Меня особенно радует изнасилование детей и мир во всем мире в одну строчку. Сенегальский спаммер знает толк в слатеньком для беленьких!

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