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Уровень говна

you people make me puke


95% одобрямса ояебу. Выше, чем любая киноклассика, и даже милая сердцу попса. Уровень говна выше, чем когда бы то ни было.


typical review:

Everything about is just phenomenal. The writing, the music, the costumes, the sets, the acting. Its all just perfect. But probably the best thing about it is the atmosphere it creates.


где-то на задворках обнаруживается пара-тройка диссидентов

The PR for the series has been that it is good enough to be considered a Lord Of The Rings quality/genre project for TV. Not quite. It plays an awful lot like an old 1950's Universal Studios medieval potboiler. The sort of thing you would expect to see Tony Curtis or Alan Ladd in. It certainly isn't up to the normal HBO standard when compared with a production like Rome . Maybe, as the series progresses, a stronger storyline might start to appear. The production values are handsome enough for TV, but overall the atmosphere is very dull. By and large, the cast seems to be not overly interested in the material. They could be waiting to see some improvement before they bother trying.

Game of Thrones clearly has good production values, good acting and beautiful women.

But the story (or the script) is a potent sleep inducer. After watching this show for 30 minutes I could not care less who was who, what are their plans, and etc.

These tales of intrigue and high drama mixed with stereotypical notions of bravery, deception, honor, treason, loyalty, royal lineage etc. are so passé that one wonders why people keep on making films and writing books about them. Not to mention that reading and hearing about kings and queens and all this nonsense has become a chore. How many films and book have been written based on this quasi-medieval quasi-mythical ideals?

That is why lately there are always some naked skin, exposed breasts, rough-sex scenes (e.g. Spartacus) on these productions. The directors need to get the attention of the viewer, right? Otherwise, people would simply turn to other things which are a little bit less dull, confusing and uninteresting.

Can't those guys create more interesting alternative realities? Does it always have to be about power, murder and sex? All in all, this type of tale is nothing more than a medieval version of Dallas....

Yep, you've seen one, you've seen them all!

I was among the many, many people who viewed the preview fourteen minutes of 'Game of Thrones' a few weeks before it first aired. I must say, I was won over by the acting, production, sets and the immediate eeriness of the world beyond the 'Wall'. I waited in anticipation of the first episode.

What a disappointment. Sex, sex, sex, sex, talk, talk, sex, sex, sex, talk and a little bit of violence.

No plot, no direction, dull characters. The snowy world beyond the wall has more life and animation than the stereotypical clockwork fantasy kings and queens. And no, throwing in hardcore sex and swearing does not make this series 'grown up' or 'adult'. A serious plot that makes the audience think is far more adult than breasts thrown in for shock appeal.

As much as I loathe them, the 'Original Movies' on SyFy have better plots and drive than 'Game of Thrones'.

I'd have loved to have given this series higher than a three but this is as good as I imagine it will ever get. Three episodes in and all we have is sex and talking.">
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