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Из Сони пришел очередной ответ на мое очередное письмо от загадочного агента по имени Джей Ди (или Джей Дай).
Тянут резину, гады.

А я наябедничал в пейсбук и в парламентскую комиссию настучал, но это без толку, потому что submissions и слушания уже закончились, а результаты еще не опубликованы. Заодно настучал куда ни попадя еще, по разным сопутствующим вебсайтам. Уж если наше дорогое правительство бессильно перед корпорациями, то имидж им надо портить совместными усилиями.

Вооружусь теперь терпением и попкорном, ага.

Dear Amy,

Thank you for your letter.
Unfortunately the explanation given for the price discrepancy between Sony products sold in AU and US markets is not entirely satisfactory.
Having researched the difference in US and AU models I can only conclude that AU models have in general inferior specifications - smaller hard drives, lesser options etc, which should drive the price down, not up. If Australia is perceived as a poor and dumb backwater of the world, it is logical to dump the out-dated hardware here, OK, but try to be fair.

Said that, there are two different technical standards applicable to the laptops - Australian electric plug and DVD region that is encoded in firmware. This would add … I would estimate $10 dollars optimistically.

Still this does not justify whooping + $2300 that I estimated would cost me in Australia to purchase the same laptop with all the options that I selected in US – i.e. 512 Gb SSD hard disk, extra sheet battery and the most recent media dock, which is by the way is not available for Australians at all. We here have to put up with a dated model.

Take note: the following screenshot was not easy to get. Sony website blocks Australian customers from attempts to visit their US store.

[screenshot from US website]

As a matter of fact I am writing this letter on (some other brand) laptop imported from US (but manufactured in Malaysia). If I was to purchase this model in Australia, I would have to put up with worse model specifications still and pay $900 extra compared to the purchase from US. I would assume these hundreds of dollars were to be added to the nice bonus of some top management executive, who was responsible for this local price inflation.

When I made that last purchase about 18 month go I thought it is an extreme example of corporate greed unrestricted we have here in Australia, and it could not continue for long.
I was wrong, it still goes and gets even worse. It should be properly investigated and answered for.

P.S. I note that Z series laptops are no longer through the Australian website. I sincerely hope it is not an awkward attempt to cover your tracks. Other models have prices inflated too.


My name is JD. Thank you for patience while awaiting a response. I have read the correspondence between yourself and my colleagues and understand that you are querying the price difference between Australian pricing and American pricing and understand you were unsatisfied with the response you received. I am writing to inform you that I would like to refer your query through to our Customer Relations Group to investigate your enquiry more in-depth .

Should you choose to have our Customer Relations staff investigate your enquiry they would be in contact with you directly in 3 to 5 working days with further information in regards to your concerns.

If you require an update or further information please contact the Customer Care line and quote your reference number detailed below.

If this does not answer your enquiry, please feel free to reply to this mail and I will do my best to look into the matter further. If you happen to call our customer services team on 1300 137 669 (Mon - Fri 8am-6pm. EST), please quote this reference number C-0001005622, as I have saved our email correspondence for future reference.

Kind regards,

JD Dekrout | Customer Service Representative Sony Australia and New Zealand

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