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Вот еще подробная статья о том же, о локальном раздувании цен


Pushing the “local support is costly” barrow also ignores the increasingly frequent reality: if you have a tech support issue of any complexity whatsoever and you contact the local branch of a global technology firm, you will be sent offshore with extreme speed (presuming you weren’t sent offshore right from the start). That’s doubly true if you use online support mediums. I’ve had tech support calls handled from the US, the UK, Egypt and India, but the only times I can recall serious interactions with local staff has been with ISP issues, which by definition aren’t being sold worldwide.

The entire house of cards collapses spectacularly when it comes to digital distribution of software and media, which is where most of the future sales growth for technology products is expected. Let’s compare a couple of products purchased directly from official company stores for Adobe and Microsoft for download:

  • The Master Collection edition of Adobe Creative Suite 6 costs $3948.75 for a business user through Adobe Australia. The identical product through the US site costs $US2599.
  • As the CHOICE report first highlighted, a copy of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN costs $6649 in Australia via Microsoft’s site, versus $US3799 in the US.

кстати после начала скандала (пик статей на тему приходится на Май-Июль) только, кажется, Эппл подправил свои австралийские цены, не вполне, но ближе к американским, чем кто бы то ни было. Mac Book Pro 13" with retina display таким образом становится вполне приемлемой альтернативой всяким там соням, к примеру. Windows поставить по-тайному - и к метросексуалам (тьфу-тьфу).
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