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Написал для амазона ревью на ужасном рунглише.

по поводу


Которое изделие меня дико разочаровало во всех смыслах. Ужасная опера, совершенный какой-то кошмар. Совершенно причем в другом смысле, нежели кошмарные опусы Эндрю Ллойда Вебера.

Получил от Амазона отлуп

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так что вывалю сюда

I went and bought one after hearing how infinitely superior this opera was to any of other modern operas, including all the A.L. Weber opuses (which I find mostly, but not entirely god damn awful) and also Ca Ira by Roger Waters (which I found absolutely brilliant).
Someone compared it to the giants of the past, like Boris Godunov, by Mussorgsky.
So I prepared myself for a real treat.
Sorry to say, what a laughable mess I discovered through my headphones. The concept that would without a doubt work in some bombastic Hollywood production, simply does not work if you listen to it.
Lyrics is one complete flop. Too many unconvincing and sometimes unintentionally funny phrases following each other in rather wobbly order and glued together onto rather portentous conceptual framework does not make a good libretto.
Well, Oppenheim made an atomic bomb. He was a scientist. And he was asked rather nicely by US government. And his name became well known. He got celebrity status. That makes him worthy of TV time or cinema screen. But does it make his story a good opera material? I seriously doubt it. Ayatollah Khomeini would make better opera. Just think of it. Khomeini is a character, like Dimitri in Boris Godunov.
Oppenheimer is a dork in a grey suit, you cannot save him with no matter how brilliant the opera singer is or how sophisticated the muzak you make.
Zillions of Muslims would agree, too.

The music is another point. It is not beautiful. It is beautifully executed, rather like an animation in the recent Hobbit movies. Well done! But as someone well put, this music is just like a scaffolding for the lyrics, and when lyrics is a laughing stock, it could not be saved by music, oh no. Exactly like that awful Hobbit cannot be saved by nicely drawn hair on the computer models. When the whole concept is awful, the music just enhances and encrusts that awfulness.
Listening to that highly acclaimed Batter My Heart aria, which certainly has its moments - literally seconds of great singing and great melodic texture, one cannot shake off the background boredom and irritation. What a waste! Complete waste of money, combined talents, my time, someone else's time. Exactly like that bloody awful The Hobbit. But someone made great money on it, so it cannot be wrong. We need to justify its existence. Likewise, we have to justify the existence of the Atomic Bomb. Sure we do.

This was done by REAL musician (not like that puny amateur Roger Waters), totally different species of the human being. Like Peter Jackson is a professional cinematographer. Well, both have overall high ratings and highly accepted amongst other professionals of the sort. Can't argue with that!

upd, - убрал часть ругательных слов, но добавил побольше язвительных инвектив, и ревью приняли.
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